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John Robert Murray

I have found no record, in the Edinburgh trade directories, of any photographer named J R Murray based at 54 Dundee Street.  But this is the name and address on the Cabinet Print below.

This is unusual in being an outdoor cabinet print.  Cabinet prints were popular until around 1900.  Almost all cabinet prints were taken in studios.

Cabinet Print

 Cabinet Print  -  Photographer: JR Murray

  Copyright: For permission to reproduce, please contact

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Question 1

The trade directories report that William Murray lived at 54 Dundee Street from 1894 until 1896, and Mrs Murray lived at that address from 1897.  Might JR Murray have lived at this address at the same time? 

Was JR Murray the same man as John Murray, photographer, based at 3 Leslie Place in 1893?

Answer 1

Yes, William and J R Murray were related, and both lived at 54 Dundee Street in the 1890s. Thank you to Andrew Murray, great-great-grandson of William Murray, for providing the details below:

-   William Murray lived at 10 Dundee Street in 1891 and  54 Dundee Street in 1894, with his family, including sons:

                -  John Robert Murray  [b. Aberdeen, 1869]

                -  David Murray  [b.  York, 1871]

-   David Murray was listed as a photographer in

                - 1891 Edinburgh census

                - 1901 Wolverhampton census.

-   John Robert Murray was a rubber worker.  He was not known to be a photographer, but he appears to have turned his hand to photography for the group portrait above, and to have gone to the trouble of having cabinet print mounts produced bearing his name.

-   William Murray died in 1894.  His wife Jane died in 1901.  At that time, John Robert Murray was still living at 54 Dundee Street.


Question 2

Was JR Murray the same man as John Murray, photographer, based at 3 Leslie Place in 1893?



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