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St Andrews University  -  First Year students  -  1910-1911

Photograph of First Year Students at St Andrews University, 1910-1911  -  by Thomas Rodger

Reproduced by courtesy of Jan de Groot, Amsterdam



This photograph above, approx 10 ins x 8 ins, is  by Thomas Rodger and is  titled:

"Bejant Group - Session 1910-1911".

First-year students  at St Andrews University were known as Bejant (males) or Bejantine (females) from the French "bec jaune" meaning yellow beak or fledgling

The photograph is mounted on a board that includes the names of the Professors and students shown,  except for a few names that have unfortunately been cut off the bottom of the list.

Along the top row are:

-  Professor Scott Lang

-  Principal Sir James Donaldson

-  Professor Burnet


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