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Thomas Rodger [sen.] and Thomas Rodger [jun.]

Thomas Rodger [sen.] and Thomas Rodger [jun.] both showed their photographs in PSS  Exhibitions. 

I have included all entries together here because it is not clear to me whether it is father or son who exhibited some of the prints.  Further confusion - various exhibition catalogues and press reports refer to Roger, Rodger and Rodgers. 



PSS Exhibition

Dec 1856

This exhibition included 20 photographs by Thomas Rodger, mostly portraits of individuals including:

-  Portrait of Sir David Brewster

-  Portrait of Ivan Szabo

-  Portrait of DO Hill

There were also several group portraits, some of children and one entry titled described as "Twenty five portraits".  His work was well received by the Press who wrote:

"By far the best portraits to our thinking are by Rodgers of St Andrews"  [Caledonian Mercury  -  29 December 1856] 


"...specimens of portraits by Mr Rodger of St Andrews whom we venture to rank highest of the Scotch portrait photographers."     [The Courant  -  29 December 1856]

There was also a portrait of Hon Secretary of the Photographic Society of Scotland, Hon CGH Kinnear entered by T Rodger.  Was this the father or son?



PSS Exhibition

Dec 1857

Rodger exhibited portraits, including a photograph of Livingstone, group portraits, and photographs of different stages of playing golf:

"We have this life resemblance of Mr Livingstone, the African traveller by Mr Rodger of St Andrews."      [Advert for PSS Exhibition  -  17 December 1857]

"The different stages of golf playing - viz., playing off, crossing the swile, bunkered, at the hole - are graphically treated by Dr. Adamson and T Rodgers in groups of portraits.  They are ably composed, and to lovers of golf must be highly interesting."    [The Daily Scotsman  -   1 January 1858]



PSS Exhibition

Dec 1858

The exhibition included four collodion photographs by T Rodger;  three were portraits.



PSS Exhibition

Dec 1859

Thomas Rodger [Sen.] exhibited five frames of photographs including:

No 1 - Playfair's Statue  - a made up picture from different negatives from the old paper process and collodion 

No 2 - Velocipede and its maker.

No 3 - Should Aul Acquaintance be Forgot  -  a few acquaintances met after an absence.

Thomas Rodger [Sen.] wrote:

"If you think my small contributions worth putting in the Catalogue, I hope you’ll distinguish my name by the word ‘Senior’, as my pictures are not worthy to be classed with the name of my Son.  His box will be sent approx to morrow."

Thomas Rodger [Jun.] sent portraits to the exhibition, including one of TM Raven.  He was awarded the £10 Maconochie Welwood Prize for the Best Photograph by a Professional Photographer.  The Press wrote that he:

"seems to take the lead in portraiture amongst Scottish photographers"   [Evening News:  24 December 1859]



PSS Exhibition

Feb 1861

Thomas Rodger exhibited 8 portraits and one photograph taken in St Andrews, and titled - St Andrews and its Seaweed.



PSS Exhibition

Dec 1861

Thomas Rodger exhibited:

-  6 portraits

-  9 frames containing 6 cartes de visite

-  1 frame containing 7 cartes de visite.

The Press wrote:  "[his] cartes de visite  are above average quality"  [The Scotsman:  1/1/1862]



PSS Exhibition

Mar 1863

Thomas Rodger, again contributed portraits to the exhibition.  These were praised:

"Laying aside Mr Robinson’s picture, the Committee would have found great difficulty in deciding between the competing claims of Mr Tunny who contributed a beautiful portrait of a young gentleman and some of the admirable small pictures of Mr Rogers of St Andrews"  [PSS Prize Committee Report]



PSS Exhibition

Feb 1864

Thomas Rodger maintained his contact with the Photographic Society of Scotland.  He wrote

"I have had a very long trip North - am very much invigorated in health and spirits for the coming season.  I have made a good few promises for Edinburgh within the present month, and will try and make out to go in a week or so.

I am to see what I can make of Sheriff Moir’s glass room and will spend a day at it by way of experimenting with the lights."

In this exhibition, his photograph Colonel and Mrs Maitland Dougal won a Bronze Medal for Runner-up in the category: Best Group printed from a single negative.



PSS Exhibition

Dec 1864

Thomas Rodger submitted five frames, containing a total of 36 cartes de visite to this exhibition.


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