M&T Scott

M&T Scott had premises in Edinburgh from 1884 until 1956.  They used the slogan:  “M&T Scott (to the trade)”.  They describe their business as:

-  1893:  “Photo enlargers and finishers to the trade”

-  1905:  “Photo-process etchers & engravers”

M&T Scott opened a new studio in 1892.  A description appeared in the British Journal of Photography the same year:

“For artistic work of the profession: enlarging, retouching, tinting, painting, copying, etc.  A studio with comforts for the lady artists [and] a darkroom with ample room for moving about (26ft x 22 ft with ceiling at least 15 ft high).  Enlargements up to 4½ ft in height can be made easily. …… The much belittled derided, but best of all processes for this kind of work, the wet collodion, only is used.”      [BJP: 1892 p10]

A few months later, a delegation from the Photographic Convention of Great Britain saw these premises in operation.   Another report of the visit appeared in the British Journal of Photography.

"These premises had been constructed for the turning out of large quantities of work for the trade only.  The buildings covered 500 square yards. The premises included carbon dipping baths large enough to take in a 60 inch plate.  There was a studio, thirty feet by twenty-eight feet, which was used mainly for copying."


This account of the studio went on to describe some of the work seen during the visit:

“Finished platinotypes, bearing the stamp of artistic feeling and careful handling.  - Some untouched enlargement views and groups, twenty-four inch, made from carbon    negatives, as fine in finish as small work.  Samples of opals as large as thirty-six inches.  Also pictures in carbon on ivory.”  
[BJP: 1892 p533]

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery has a photograph by M&T Scott, produced by what they describe as

  “The Scott Photo Mechanical Process”.

The Practical Photographer referred to photographs on display during the 1892 Photographic Convention of the UK held in a room usually occupied by the Royal Geographical Society of Scotland.

"Perhaps the best photograph in the room was the very large and wonderfully successful group by Mr Alex Ayton junr., which was shown as a carbon enlargement.  Several very fine carbons were also shown by Messrs Elliott & Son and M&T Scott of Edinburgh."


Question 1

M Muir Scott

M Muir Scott was gave a lecture to EPS in 1894 entitled:

   “Enlarging and the Production of Negatives for Carbon Prints” 

Was he, perhaps, the “M” in M&T Scott?

Answer 1

M & T Scott

Thank you to Jean Watts for sending me the following details.  It seems likely that these were the two photographers in the company, M&T Scott.

M & T Scott

In my family tree I have Thomas Scott, who described himself as a photographic artist.  He was born 1858.  He had a brother, Michael Muir Scott, also a photographic artist.

Thomas, on the 1901 census, lived 149 Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh.  I am sure that these are the two that you ask about.

Thomas Scott married Mary Isabella Harris 1888, her father was Alexander Harris who was Edinburgh town clerk.

[Jean Watts, Wales, 15 March 2005]


M & T Scott
and family

Thank you, again, to Jean Watts, for  sending me the more information on the  family of M&T Scott, including two other  photographers in the family.  The family lived at Moston Terrace, Edinburgh.

The Scott Family

The parents  were Thomas  Scott and Jane Dickson Mossman.  The sons were:

-  Thomas Scott,


b. Edinburgh

-  Michael Muir Scott, 


b. Glasgow

-  Robert Mossman Scott,


b. Edinburgh

-  Donald M Scott,


b. Edinburgh

-  James Scott, 

Law Clerk

b. Glasgow

-  Walter John Scott


b. Edinburgh

[Jean Watts, Wales, 17 March 2005]



Question 2

Thomas Scott

Thomas Scott was one of the partners in M&T Scott.   

He worked for M&T Scott, at least during the period 1889-91.

He exhibited photos at the 1892 Convention in Edinburgh. 

Was this the same photographer as:

Thomas Scott who had a studio in Glasgow from 1869?  OR

-  Thomas W Scott who joined Edinburgh Photographic Society during the 1890-91 session, giving his address as 52 Elm Row?


Other Scott Photographers

Other Photographers