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The Photographic Convention of the United Kingdom

Edinburgh  -  1892

Photographic Convention  -  1892


At the 1892 Convention hall in Queen Street, Edinburgh, there were:

-  an exhibition of novelties in apparatus

-  illustrations of practical work in photography

Exhibits from Edinburgh included:

William Hume

1 Lothian Street

Enlarging lanterns.  Click here for details.

[Amateur Photographer: 22 Jul 1892]

AH Baird

15 Lothian Street

The Lothian Universal Plummet and other items.  

Click here for details.

[Amateur Photographer: 22 Jul 1892]

Thos J Walls

47 Lothian Street

Several novelties and a hand-camera with dark slides of simple and efficient make. 

 [Amateur Photographer: 22 Jul 1892]

John Patrick & Son

52 Comiston Road

6 silver prints of Scottish scenery
good technical commercial work

2 frames of enlargements in bromide

[Photography 1892]

T Scott

Leadervale Photo Works

2 carbon prints - moon light scenes
very effective

[Photography 1892]

W& A Scott

West Saville Terrace

Several frames of carbon enlargements, 
one of a mother and child being strikingly effective

[Photography 1892]

[Photography:  14 Jul 1892]

The Photographic Convention Edinburgh  -  1892

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