Photographic Convention
of the United Kingdom

Edinburgh  -  1892


Photograph published in 'Photography'


Photographic Convention of the UK  -  1892  -  Photographer not known

  Reproduced by courtesy of Edinburgh Photographic Society


Photo No 2

A Different Photograph?

This photograph was published in the journal, 'Photography' on 21 July 1892.  The photographer is not named.  (Please click here to enlarge part of the photo.)

When I first added this photo to the web site I wrote: 

"Here is a second photo of the Photographic Convention, taken in Princes Street Gardens.

 This is the same group as was photographed by Alexander Ayton jun but some of the delegates have changed position."

However, I can now thank John Bradley for the observation below..

John wrote:

From the same negative?

"Just one thought struck me about the two photos of the Photographic Convention held in Edinburgh in 1892.

Are you convinced they are different photos - or might they be from the same negative , but in version 2 it has been printed the wrong way round?  That is how it looks to me.

John Bradley, Ashover, Derbyshire:  February 16, 2008


I agree, John.  It looks like the same negative.  I have reproduced,  below, the photograph that appeared in the British Journal of Photography for comparison.

-  Peter Stubbs:  February 17, 2008

Photograph published in 'The British Journal of Photography'


Photograph of delegates to the Photographic Convention of the United Kingdom held in Dublin in 1894

  Reproduced by courtesy of Edinburgh Photographic Society

The Photographic Convention Edinburgh  -  1892

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