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The Photographic Convention of the United Kingdom

Edinburgh  -  1892

Photographic Convention  -  1892

Edinburgh & Excursions


The Practical Photographer recommended photography in Edinburgh:

"The Old Town with its numberless quaint old closes, with its architecture of a bye-gone age, and with its many historical relics, will appeal irresistibly to many, and offers capital opportunities for work in the style of Mr Lyd Sawyer's 'Castle Garth' pictures."

"The hand-camera men will find picturesque and humeous shots amongst the kilted soldiery and the distinclty Scottish scenes and characters in the precincts of the Castle, and in the neighbourhood of High Street and the Lawn Market."

The article went on do mention visits planned to Melrose and Dryburgh Abbeys, Abbotsford, St Andrews, Dunfermline, Dalmeny, Cramond Bridge and Rosslyn Chapel. 

It mentioned that admission to Rosslyn Chapel was 2s; but warned photographers, before parting with their 2s that the right to photograph the interior was strictly reserved to Messrs Wilson & Co and Valentine & Sons.

[The Practical Photographer,  1 July 1892,  pp.165-169]


A record number of delegates including a large number of lady members attended the Convention.

Outings were arranged to:

-  Melrose and Dryburgh

-  Dalmeny and Cramond Bridge

-  Roslin and Hawthornden

-  St Andrews

-  Dunfermline and the Forth Bridge

It was reported that record numbers attended the excursions, including over 90 members who visited  Melrose and Dryburgh Abbeys:

"... last, but by no means least, in point of weather, the Convention this year was peculiarly fortunate for, whilst the good people of England were being deluged with rain, although a little more sunshine at times might have been acceptable, scarcely a drop of rain fell upon the conventionists during the whole of the week."    [Photography:  21 July 1892]

The report for Wednesday said:

"It proved a fine day with good light, and in the early morning quite a large party set out for Newhaven armed with hand cameras in search of fishwomen and other characteristic features of the neighbourhood, likewise in search of a fish breakfast, with the result of both of which quests they appeared to be well satisfied."    [Photography:  21 July 1892]

The Photographic Convention Edinburgh  -  1892

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