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Donald M Scott, 


Donald M Scott, worked from 115 Rose Street (1909-25).  He was described in the trade directories as 'Trade Photographer & Process Engraver'. 

He used the slogan:

Photographer to the Trade


He was one of four photogrpaher brothers.


At the Meeting of Edinburgh Society of Professional Photographers on 2 November 1925, the President,  Swan Watson, announced that one of their members, Donald Scott had passed away.



J Scott

J Scott worked for Photo Illustrations,1940-41.

Was this the same man as James Scott, EPS President 1954-55, who gave lectures to EPS in 1952 entitled:

       - "Finishing and Presentation - Some Methods of Mounting"

         - "Getting the Best from Your Negative"



Miss NB Scott

Miss NB Scott was re-toucher in 1919.  Was she also a photographer?

She was listed as a photographers in the trade directory for 1919.

See also Reply 2 below



Thomas Scott


Thomas Scott was one of the partners in M&T Scott.   

He worked for M&T Scott, at least during the period 1889-91.

He exhibited photos at the 1892 Convention in Edinburgh. 

Was this the same photographer as:

Thomas Scott who had a studio in Glasgow from 1869?  OR

-  Thomas W Scott who joined Edinburgh Photographic Society during the 1890-91 session, giving his address as 52 Elm Row?



W & A Scott


W&A Scott exhibited photos at the 1892 Convention in Edinburgh.  Was this a firm of professional photographers in Edinburgh in 1892?

I have found no mention of this company in any of the Edinburgh trade directories.






Jean Watts

The Family of M&T Scott

Thank you, again, to Jean Watts, for  sending me the more information on the  family of M&T Scott, including two other  photographers in the family, Robert Mossman Scott and David M Scott.  The family lived at Moston Terrace, Edinburgh.

The parents  were Thomas  Scott and Jane Dickson Mossman and the sons were:

-  Thomas Scott


b. Edinburgh

-  Michael Muir Scott


b. Glasgow

-  Robert Mossman Scott


b. Edinburgh

-  Donald M Scott


b. Edinburgh

-  James Clerk Scott

Law Clerk

b. Glasgow

-  Walter John Scott


b. Edinburgh

Jean Watts, Wales, 17 March 2005




Niall Scott

Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Thank you to Niall Scott for doing some research into photographers named Scott, then writing:

Miss N B Scott

"The list of professional photographers on the EdinPhoto web site includes a Miss NB Scott listed as being a professional photographer at 129 Gilmore Place, 1919.

That address rang bells and after checking I found that this was Miss Helen Beattie Scott was a great grand aunt of mine (1871-1940).  She was the daughter of George Scott of Robertson & Scott, Advertising Agents

She appears as being an 'Assistant Photographer' in the 1891 census:

In 1901 she was a Retoucher

- In 1907 when her aunt died she was living at 129, Gilmore Place.

In 1911 she was a photographic retoucher.

-  In 1923 she appears to have emigrated to Canada but returned to Edinburgh

-  In 1940  she died in Edinburgh."

M&T Scott

Thomas Scott

"The list of professional photographers on the EdinPhoto web site also includes the following photographic studios at 36 George Street:

-  1885-91:  M&T Scott

-  1889-91:  Thomas Scott

I cannot make a link from Miss NB Scott to either M&T Scott or Thomas Scott, but there is a coincidence here, as the above Robertson & Scott started life in 36, George Street."

Niall Scott, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland:  December 30, 2011




Jenny Goy

Thank you to Jenny Goy who wrote:

The Scott Family

"I am descended from Walter John Scott.  He was my great grandfather, and was the brother of:

Michael Scott

Thomas Scott

Robert Scott

Donald Scott

James Scott,

Most of these were photographers in Edinburgh, including M&T Scott .

It is fascinating to find so many of one family all working in the same trade.

Thomas Scott, b 1828, was the father of these brothers.  He was also described in a census as photographic artist surely one of the earliest."

Walter Scott

"Walter too worked as a photographer, and had his studio in Ardrossan, and possibly also in Glasgow, but I have yet to find evidence of this. Walter died aged about 45 in Cathcart."

Jenny Goy:  November 17, 2012

Walter Scott

D Richard Torrance has published a series of useful booklets listing photographers in different parts of Scotland up to 1914.  The information in these booklets has been taken from trade directories, censuses and other sources.

They give four different Ardrossan addresses for Walter Scott, photographer, but no Glasgow addresses for him.  They are:

1893-1896:     17 Princes Street, Ardrossan

1895:               15 Princes Street, Ardrossan

1897-1911:       9 Montgomerie Street, Ardrossan

1903:                 6 Montgomerie Street, Ardrossan

Perhaps 'No 15 and No 17 both refer to the same studio. 
Perhaps 'No 6' is an typographical error and should read 'No 9'.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  November 19, 2012


M&T Scott

Other Photographers