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-  John Duncan Smith (1850- 1925)

-  Duncan Smith & McLaren

-  Henry Smith

-  H Smith & Co


John Duncan Smith

John Duncan Smith was born in Aberdeen in 1850.  He worked for Brown Barnes & Bell at 1 Hanover Street possibly from 1881 or earlier.  He had moved to Leith by 1881 and his occupation was photographer.  
[source: 1881 Census]

He set up his own business as Photo Artist from this address in 1887 and appeared in the Edinburgh trade directories under his own name in 1887 and 1888.

He joined Edinburgh Photographic Society during the 1887-88 session, giving his address as 4 Bowhill Terrace, Golden Acre, Edinburgh.


CARTES DE VISITE          12 copies     8s 6d

                                                  6 copies     5s 0d

                             vignette    12 copies   10s 6d

                             vignette      6 copies     7s 6d

CABINETS                           12 copies   15s 6d

                                                  6 copies   12s 0d

                             vignette    12 copies    21s 0d 

                             vignette      6 copies    15s 6d

PROMENADE                      12 copies   35s 0d

                                                  6 copies    25s 0d

IMPERIAL PORTRAIT        1st copy   12s 6d

                                               duplicates     4s 0d


Two positions are always taken when 12 copies are ordered

 and proofs submitted for approval


Charge for extra Figures 2s 6d  and Special Terms for Large Groups


Finished in Black and White, Red Chalk, or Colour

 from 3 5s to 15 Guineas complete.


Made to any size and finished in Oil, Water Colour or Crayon

at various prices according to the size and finish.


Journeyman Photographer

By 1889, John Duncan Smith had become journeyman photographer and was living in Bristol.    [source:  daughter's birth certificate]

In 1894, he was living in Bath.  He was buried in Cardiff in 1925. [Des:DAM]


Evaline Gordon Smith

Evaline Gordon Smith was to become the wife of John Duncan Smith.  She appeared in the 1881 Census, aged 21, as photographer, though I have found no record, in the Edinburgh trade directories, of her being a professional photographer.   She married John Duncan Smith in 1895.       [Des:DAM


John Duncan Smith

1881 Census

John Duncan Smith was listed in the 1881 census as:

Photographer:  aged 31

Born:  Aberdeen

Lodger:  61 Montgomery Street, Edinburgh

[DR Torrance]

Stock of Negatives

On the backs of some of his cabinet prints, John Lamb who was based at 101b Princes Street from1878 until 1900, advertised:

J Lamb, having the entire Stocks of Negatives
taken by the Firms of
1 Hanover Street
103 Princes Street

Copies can be had in the Various Styles


Duncan Smith & McLaren

Duncan Smith & McLaren were based at 62 Frederick Street in 1889-90.  Was this company connected with John Duncan Smith above?


Henry Smith

Henry Smith was a tea merchant in 1855 who became a professional photographer from 1856 to 1864.

He was also a member of PSS and exhibited 5 photographs in the 1858 PSS Exhibition.


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