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Professional Photographer

William Walker


Professional Photographer

William Walker's address was given as:

Walker's Scottish Photographic Institute

Haddington Place, Leith Walk

Also at Wilton, Hawick

and as:

The Scottish Photographic Institute

36 Haddington Place.

Also at Wilton, Hawick



Cartes de Visite

Carte de visite by William Walker     The back of a carte de visite by William Walker

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Edinburgh Studio

Edinburgh photographers based at 36 Haddington Place were:

-  1862-65:  J Robson

-  1866:        Robson & Walker

-  1867:        William Walker

Hawick Studio

The following is an extract from D Richard Torrance's booklet: 'Photographers in Southern Scotland to 1914'

"Mr Walker set up in business in July 1866 and employed C Collie as manager.  He later employed J B Cartlidge who would be in Jedburgh about 4 days a week.  He was taken to court by his employer over default of payments.  By about 1870 Mr Cartlidge was employed in Edinburgh photographic studios."



Were any of the following the same person as the Edinburgh photographer, William Walker?

1.  William Walker, who was believed to have come from  PeeblesHe had three daughters  - Mary (b.1882), Lil and Kate.  He was reputed to have had a photographic partnership that ended in dispute, and to have ended up as a stationer's clerk according to his daughters wedding certificate.
[With acknowledgement to Ann Lewis, great-grand daughter of this photographer for the details above.]

2.  William Walker, sculptor, had a photographic studio at Braes, Anstruther, Fife  from May 1865 until 1868 
[Photographers in Central Scotland to 1914:  D Richard Torrance]

3.  William Walker, probably the same man as above, had a photographic studio at Dunfermline, Fife 1868-71 
[Photographers in Central Scotland to 1914:  D Richard Torrance]

4.  William Walker opened a studio in London in 1867.

5.  William Walker who had photos accepted in several Scottish photographic exhibitions in the 1850s and 1860s.  See below.


Many thanks to Ann Lewis for checking the dates and finding it possible that all the above references may in fact refer to the same man.  See below:

-  1856 Member of Photographic Society of Scotland,  in Edinburgh

-  1865 Photographer in Anstruther, Fife

-  1866 Joins Robson in Edinburgh.  (No longer in Westwood Directory in Anstruther).

           Installs a manager in Hawick Studio.

-  1867 Trading in his own name in Edinburgh, possibly tries it out in London)

-  1868 Photographer in Dunfermline

-   Until 1873  -  Keeps his tries with Edinburgh Photographic Society

Ann Lewis, great-grand daughter of William Walker, Peebles, tells me of a family story that, at one time, a partner of William Walker reputedly stole all his money and refused to work any more.  Events such as this could well have caused William Walker to move from town to town.


Photographic Exhibitions

William Walker

William Walker entered his photographs in several exhibitions under the name William Walker, Wm Walker or W Walker.

However, Roger Taylor, in his book: Photographs Exhibited in Great Britain 1839-1865 describes him as Dr William Walker (1821-1862)

William Walker exhibited the following:

1st Photographic Society of Scotland Exhibition, Dec 1856


 5 Edinburgh views

 2 Cheshire views

 6 studies form nature

3rd Photogrpahic Society of Scotland Exhibition, Dec 1858 Calotype

7 Scottish landscapes

British Association Exhibition, Aberdeen, 1859 Calotype

4 Scottish landscapes

Glasgow Photographic Society, 1859 Calotype

6 Scottish landscapes

9th Photographic Society of Scotland Exhibition, Dec 1864

Tannin process

4 Edinburgh views