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The Wallace Family

Thank you to Ken Johnston, Australia, great-great-grandson of Charles Wallace,  for the  details below:


Birth of Charles Wallace on 31 January:
Edinburgh,  Parents Thomas Wallace + Mary Bouring


St Cuthbert's Church, Edinburgh
Charles (Joiner),  residing at 7 King's Stables Road
Jane Auld,  residing at 90 West Port, Edinburgh


Daughter,  Jane McIntyre:  registered at St Cuthbert's + Leith


Daughter,  Margaret Cockburn:  Edinburgh


Son,  Thomas (jr.):  Edinburgh


Daughter,  Charlotte:  Edinburgh


Son,  Charles (jr.):  Edinburgh


Jane's marriage

Charles was described as 'Photographer'

[despite not appearing in the Edinburgh Trade directories as a photographer until almost 10 years later.]


Photographer, 126a Causewayside


Photographer, 126a Causewayside


Charles was described as 'Photographer'
(or Photographer's Assistant
[DR Torrance])


Death of wife, Jane
Charles' occupation was given as 'Photographer'


Charles was described as 'Photographer'


Charles died of bronchitis at 121 St Leonard's Street, Edinburgh.

Ken Johnston, Australia:  July 25, 2003


The Wallace Family

Stephen Wallace Murray, now living in Frankfurt, Germany, great-great-grandson Charles Wallace and grandson of Thomas Wallace, has been researching the history of the Wallace family and has discovered some interesting facts. 

He tells  me that the Wallace family includes a sea captain who became very wealthy.

Thomas Wallace

Sea Captain

  Cabinet Print from Thomas Wallace of Dalkeith

The sea captain was Thomas Wallace [b.1782, married 1806].

He is variously described as a captain and privateer, shipwright, ships chandler, ship carpenter and gentleman servant. 

Amongst his possessions was a jewel encrusted sword, some of the stones from which were later used in rings.

Thomas Wallace appears to have been an interesting character.  Does anybody know anything more about him?

Charles Wallace

Edinburgh Photographer

Son of Thomas

Charles Wallace appeared in the Edinburgh trade directories as a  photographer based at 126A Causewayside, Edinburgh from 1876 to 1878.

The 1881 census also includes a Charles Wallace, then described as a photographer's assistant.  He was born 31 January 1825.  [Is this the same man?]

Thank you to John Hadden of Edinburgh, great grandson of Thomas Wallace for the following additional details

Independent Order of Free Templars

Thomas Wallace  was Secretary of the Dalkeith branch of the IOGT (Independent Order of Good Templars) in the early 1900s.

The IOGT was one of the temperance organisations that started in the 1800s.  It is still an active organisation worldwide.

John Hadden also sent me a copy of a George Washington Wilson postcard that was sent to  from a branch of IOGT in Shetland to Thomas Wallace



Thomas Wallace

Dalkeith Photographer  -  Son of Charles

Thomas Wallace was a photographer, born in Edinburgh.  He lived at 4 Heriot Mount when he married in 1877 [John Hadden]

Heriot Mount

   Dumbiedykes Survey Photograph - 1959  -  Clearing the Drains

At the time of the 1881 Census, Thomas was aged 25 and lived at Ritchie's Place.

When his first son was born, in 1878, and in the 1881 census, he was listed as being a photographer, though it appeared to be a few years yet before he would establish his own photographic business. 

Perhaps he worked initially with his father at 126a Causewayside at some stage.  In 1878, he lived at Cowan's Close, near Causewayside.

Cartes de Visite by Thomas Wallace

    A carte de visite of the Dalkeith photographer Thomas Wallace, son of the Edinburgh photographer, Charles Wallace

  A photograph, possibly of one of the members of Charles Wallace's family, from the Edinburgh studio of Misses Bramwell & Ferguson.

John J Hadden, great-grandson of Thomas Wallace recently [July 2004] advised me of the following two pieces of correspondence from the 1870s, that give a little more insight into Thomas Wallace's early involvement with photography.

1. A letter posted to Thomas Wallace in 1878 was addressed to:

Mr Thomas Wallace
Care Mr Annan
Princes St

This suggests that Thomas Wallace may have been working for John Annan who had a studio at 75 Princes Street from 1876 to 1882.

2.Thomas Wallace received a letter postmarked 28 Oct 1876 inviting him to the Edinburgh Photographic Society AGM on 1 Nov 1876.  Many of Edinburgh's professional photographers were members of Edinburgh Photographic Society in the 1870s.

This invitation suggests that Thomas Wallace was involved in photography either as an amateur or a professional photographer in 1876.

Thomas Wallace later appeared in the trade directories as a professional photographer from 1887 until at least 1914, based at several addresses in Dalkeith between 1887 and at least 1914.

Thank you to John Hadden for also providing a photograph of a traction engine and road train at Eskbank, Midlothian.

Road Train towed by a traction engine at Eskbank, around 1906-07

John believes that the photo is likely to have been taken around 1906-07 by his great-grandfather, Thomas Wallace.

NOTE:  Thomas Wallace was a popular name in this family.  Apart from the two above, there was another Thomas Wallace in the next generation, and four more in the following generation.    [John J Hadden]

Elizabeth Waldie Wallace

Wife of Thomas Wallace, photographer

Carte de visite by Charles Wallace of his daughter-in-law, Elizabeth Waldie Wallace, wife of the Dalkeith photographer,Thomas Wallace.     The back of a carte de visite by Charles Wallace of his daughter-in-law, Elizabeth Waldie Wallace, wife of the Dalkeith photographer,Thomas Wallace.

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Stephen Wallace Murray, Frankfurt, Germany


This carte-de-visite of Thomas Wallace's wife was taken by Thomas' father, Charles Wallace.

The note on the back of the card was written by Thomas Wallace's grand-daughter, Ellen Wallace.

The card was sent to me by Ellen Wallace's son, Stephen Wallace Murray, Frankfurt, Germany.

Jane & Janet Wallace

Dalkeith Photographers  -  daughters of Thomas

Jane and Janet (known as Jessy and Jannie) were photographers working from a studio in their home in Dalkeith.


1. Studios in Dalkeith:   Photographers in Edinburgh and the Lothians to 1914 [D Richard Torrance

2. Stephen Wallace Murray, descendant of Charles and his son Thomas Wallace:  email May 20, 2003.

3. John Hadden, great grandson of the Dalkeith photographer, Thomas Wallace.:  email January 21, 2004


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