Andrew Young


and his family

Thank you to Sue Hughes, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, for providing the following details from her family history research.  Sue tells me that she is related to the Fife photographer, Andrew Young, through his father's family.

Andrew Young

Burntisland Photographer

  Andrew Young  -  Professional Photograher who worked initially for John Patrick in Kirkcaldy ©

Sue adds that her grandfather was also named Andrew Young (1901-1987), and she has a cousin with the same name. Her grandfather was the son of Andrew Young the photographer's cousin, also named Andrew Young!  So far she has tuned up 8 Andrew Youngs in the family!

Sue has provided information on the family of John Leitch, from which the information below has been taken.

Family History

Please see 'Acknowledgements 1 and 2' below for colour coding.

Parents and Marriage

John Leitch was born 1833 in Beith, Fife, Scotland. 

-  Andrew Young married Eliza Unknown, b. Kirkcaldy, Fife, 1837 1

-  The eldest child of John and Eliza was Janet Leitch.

Please disregard the details above.  See UPDATES 1 and 2 below

-  Janet Leitch was a linen weaver, born Kirkcaldy around 1855  1

-  Janet married Andrew Young  at Burntisland on 29 Dec 1884  2,5

-  Andrew Young  was born in Burntisland, Fife, 25 April 1854  4

Andrew died in Burntisland, Fife, on 22 Jan 1925  2,5,
leaving Janet, widow.  3


Elizabeth Rodger wrote providing different details of the parents of Andrew Young.  Elizabeth wrote

-  Andrew Young's mother was Elizabeth Herd  6

- The parents of Andrew's wife, Janet Leitch, were in fact not John Leitch (b. Beith, 1833) and Eliza. 

- They were John Leitch (journeyman, 1813-1890, Burntisland) and Jane Chalmers (m. 1841, Abbotshall & Kirkcaldy) 7.  Janet (1851-1930) was the 4th daughter of the marriage.


Sue Hughes replied on March 25, 2008, saying:  "Thank you for the update.   It seems I had picked up the wrong family from a census.  Itís easily done."


-  1861:  Scholar.  3

-  1868:  Photographer with John Patrick.  4

-  1881:  Photographer and Art Student.  1

-  1901:  Photographer and Employer.  1

-  <1925:  Artist.  3

-  <1925:  Early photographer, artist, historian.  4


-  1861:  Back Street, Burntisland, Fife, Scotland . 1

-  1871:  Not listed as living with his parents. 1

-  1881:  71, High Street, Burntisland, Fife, Scotland.
 Lodger with Andrew Williamson, aged 85, retired saddler.

-  1884:  High Street, Burntisland, Fife, Scotland. 6

-  1901:  Bentfield Villas (a house with six windows)
with wife Janet and sister in Law Jeannie Rodgers.

-  1925:  Bentfield Villas, (now part of Kinghorn Road), Fife, Scotland. 3

Acknowledgement 1

All the details (in purple  above) provided by Sue Hughes, now living at South Yarra, Victoria, Australia:  (8, 13 Jan 2006)  In most cases, Sue has quoted fuller references than I have given below.

Sue adds that she is continuing her research.  She has discovered that there were were no children living with Andrew and Janet on the 1901 census, but she still has to check 1891 census to see if any are mentioned.

Acknowledgement 2

Thank you also to Iain Somerville, Burntisland, Fife for passing on a message from Elizabeth Rodger on March 24, 2008.  Elizabeth's message is included as an UPDATE (in green above).  

1 = 1881 census

2 = May Ralph, Oral History 28 Dec 2005

3 = Death Certificate

4 = Iain Somerville, Burntisland, Fife, Scotland

5 = Scotland's People OPR & Statutory Register Index

6 = Marriage Certificate

7 = OPR


 Andrew Young


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