Stereoscopic Views

Holyrood Palace


Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh

Stereoscopic Views  -  The Waverley Series  -  The Scott Monument

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ian Wallace




Ian Wallace

The Waverley Series

Thank you to Ian Wallace for allowing me to reproduce this stereo view above of the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh (Waverley Series No.192), together with the stereo view below, also from the Waverley Series:

The Scott Monument

   Stereoscopic Views  -  The Waverley Series  -  The Scott Monument

Ian wrote:

The Waverley Series

"The EdinPhoto site has some of the very limited references that seem to exist on the Internet for the Waverley Series of stereo view cards.

I was wondering if you had ever seen a reference to who the publisher and photographer(s) were for the Waverley Series, or if you knew of any index list for the series."

Reply to Ian

Unfortunately, I don't have any answers to pass on to Ian.

If you can help to answer his questions, please Please email me ( then I'll give you his email address so that you can send your message direct to him.      Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  January 5, 2014

Ian continued:

My Collection

"I hold 27 of these cards. The way they are numbered in the frame suggest that there may have been around 300 in the series, and from the images and card style they seem to have been published in the early-1900s.

I have these from the Edinburgh set:

123:  Holyrood / Arthur's seat

148  Holyrood Fountain

152:  Holyrood Palace  (reproduced above)

190:  Scott Monument  (reproduced above)

216:  Alter, St Mary's Cathedral

295:  Ross Fountain"

Ian Wallace:  January 5, 2014


The Scott Monument

Princes Street


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