Princes Street

Princes Street  -  1859  -  GW Wilson

Princes Street: looking E

Waverley Bridge - Tunnel Construction and Princes Street - Photograph by Begbie

Princes Street: looking N and NE

Princes Street: looking S

Procession of Masons passes along Princes Street to commemorate the Laying of the Foundation Stone for North Bridge, 1896

Princes Street: looking W

Photo taken in the rain from the front seat on the upper deck of a Lothian Bus  -  Two Buses on Route 22 in Princes Street

Princes Street: buses + coaches

Preparing Princes Street for the arrival of trams in 2011

Princes Street: preparing for the trams

Waterstone's Queues  Harry Potter Book Launch

Postcard by an unidentified publisher  -  The Floral Clock in Princes Street Gardens

Princes Street Gardens

Edinburgh Castle and Christmas Lights on the trees in Princes Street Gardens

Edinburgh Castle  from Princes Street

Festival Fireworks  from the foot of Frederick Street