Edinburgh Photographic Trades



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Lizars Advert   -  May 1913


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Photographic Trade Source

Photographic Dealers

Includes Material Dealers and Equipment Dealers.

EARLY COMPANIES  -  Lizars - established 1830, but when did they start dealing in photographic equipment and materials?

Edin & Leith PO Directories:  1839 to 1940


Edin & Leith PO Directories:  1912 to 1940

Developing and Printing

EARLY COMPANIES  -  There must have been many Edinburgh companies offering Developing +Printing before the Post Office Directories began to list this category in 1923.

Edin & Leith PO Directories:  1923 to 1940

Photographic Publishers

Edin & Leith PO Directories:  1903 to 1918

Photo Process Engravers

Edin & Leith PO Directories:  1894 to 1940

Photo Lithographic Artist

includes Photolithographers

Edin & Leith PO Directories:  1896 to 1913

Philosophical Instrument Maker

Philosophical Instrument Makers were also listed in the Post Office Directories in other years, but appeared amongst the Chemists and were not separately identified.

EARLY COMPANIES  -  Thomas Davidson.  He was manufacturing photographic equipment in early 1840s.

Edin & Leith PO Directories:  1845 to 1876

Optical Limelight Lanternists

These companies were listed as Optical Lanternist (without the 'Limelight') from 1924 onwards

Edin & Leith PO Directories:  1892 to 1940



The lists have been compiled mainly from the Edinburgh & Leith Trade Directories.  Many of the companies may in fact have been in business for longer.

Where I have found additional information (e.g. from adverts in Transactions of the EPS) I have included it. 

I will also include some details of some more companies that have been in busiess more recently in Edinburgh.


Edinburgh Photographic Trades

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