Photograph from the Camera Obscura

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle from the Camera Obscura  -  Shade

View from the Camera Obscura  -  Photographers and Edinburgh Castle

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact

 Photograph taken 3 May 2004

View from the Camera Obscura

In the foreground, two photographers stand on the platform that surrounds the Camera Obscura tower.

In the background is Edinburgh Castle and the Castle Esplanade.  The building closest to the Castle Esplanade on the left hand side Castlehill (the road leading to the esplanade) is Cannonball House.

The Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre is the building on the extreme left of this photo.

This photo was taken as a cloud passed in front of the sun, so avoiding the harsh shadows that can fall across Castlehill in the middle of the day.

Please click here to see another picture from the same position, but with the sun shining:

View from the Camera Obscura  -  Two Girls and Edinburgh Castle

Two girls and Castle


Camera Obscura

Please click the image below to see the Camera Obscura tower from which the photograph above was taken:

The Camera Obscura at the top of the Edinburgh Royal Mile



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