Central Bar

near the foot of Leith Walk


Central Bar

Saturday Morning  -  March 1978

Central Bar, Leith

© John Darcy.  Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Darcy:  March 16, 2010.  Thank you to Bob Moffat for
providing a copy of this photograph.  and to John Stewart who runs
a Leith web site that includes this photo.


Central Bar


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Central Bar - near the Foot of Leith Walk  -  exterior ©      Central Bar - near the Foot of Leith Walk  -  interior ©      Central Bar - near the Foot of Leith Walk  -  two men drinking ©




Kenneth Williamson

Silverknowes, Edinburgh

Thank you to Kenneth Williamson who wrote:

Jimmy Gordon

Central Bar

"The elderly gentleman sitting in the corner, wearing the scarf, in this photo is Jimmy Gordon.

Central Bar - near the Foot of Leith Walk  -  six_men_drinking ©

I was really surprised to see him in the picture although I suppose I shouldn't have been as he was a regular in the pubs of Leith."


"Jimmy was the cousin of my granny, Mary Geddes née Deas. He was born in 1899 and died in 1986.  The family came from the Borders."

Gordon Highlanders

"My granny married William Geddes from Fordyce who was a Pipe Major in the Gordon Highlanders. He enlisted after the Great War.

Jimmy served with the Gordon Highlanders (1917-1919) during the First World War, mostly in Belgium, as far as I can see.  He brought back lots of postcards from there.  He was stationed at a concentration camp in Mons, Belgium.

Here are two photos of Jimmy, the first in Gordon Highlanders' uniform, the second in civvies:

      ©   ©


"Jimmy lived in the old Edinburgh & Dalkeith Railway station at 5 Constitution Street, Leith.  Here is a photo of a bell that used to hang in the station and is now in my house.

Bell from South Leith Railway Station ©

Jimmy worked for the North British Railway.  He retired as Yard Foreman, Leith Central Station in 1965."


"Jimmy was an excellent artist but, in keeping with the times, his parents didn't encourage him and insisted that he got a 'real' job.  His paintings are scattered far and wide but fortunately one hangs on the wall of my house."


"Jimmy is buried in Caddonfoot Graveyard, Clovenfords, Selkirkshire in the Scottish Borders, along with his parents."

Kenneth Williamson, Silverknowes, Edinburgh:  October 7, 2013




Kenneth Williamson

Silverknowes, Edinburgh

Thank you to Kenneth Williamson for writing with more from Jimmy Gordon.

(Jimmy was the subject of Recollections 1 above.)

Kenneth wrote:


Picture from Jimmy Gordon

"Here is a picture that belonged to Jimmy Gordon. The inscription on the back of the picture frame has long gone."

Where and when might this photo have been taken?

A group of Railway Workers  -  Where and when might this photo have been taken?

©  Kenneth Williamson, Silverknowes, Edinburgh                                                                Photographer not known

"Can anybody shed any light on this picture?  I don't know whether it is railway or not."

Kenneth Williamson, Silverknowes, Edinburgh:  October 8, 2013

Enlargement + Detail

Railway Workers

That looks like quite a range of different uniforms and buttons that the men in this photo are wearing!  Please click here to see an enlargement of the photo, and more detail from the photo.

The detail appears to give good evidence that the picture is in fact of a group of railway workers, though I don't know where or when the photo might have been taken.

Reply to Kenneth

If you think you can help Kenneth to discover more about this photo, please email me, then I'll send Kenneth's email address to you then you should be able to send your message direct to him.

Peter Stubbs:  October 8, 2013




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