Fife then Edinburgh photographer

Thomas Buist

Thomas Buist with wife and daughter  -  1857

The early Fife and Edinburgh Photographer, Thomas Buist  -  photographed with his wife and daughter in 1857

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Frances Culham, Bedfordshire, England


Thomas Buist

Thank you to Frances Culham for allowing me to reproduce this photograph from her family collection.  It's an ambrotype photo in a union case.

Frances writes

Family Photograph  -  1857

"This photo is sealed within a union case.  I hope you can see the detail well enough and the tinting of the flesh. 

The man is Thomas Buist, the woman his wife Lillias McLellan and the child, my great grandmother, Lillias Johanna Lumsdaine Buist.  She was born on 22 September 1855.

My grandmother said she was about 18 months old when the photo was taken, so I guess the picture dates from 1857, and that it may have been taken in Elie, Fife.

Frances Culham, Bedfordshire, England:  December 6, 2007

School Photograph - 1865

   Cabinet Print of Lillias Buist at her dame school in 1865

This photograph was taken in 1865.  It includes Lillias Lillias Johanna Lumsdaine Buist, who who would then have been aged about ten or eleven:



Thomas Buist

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