Thomas Buist



Studios in Fife and Edinburgh

Thomas Buist was an Ambrotypist who had studios in Fife from 1860.  They were at:

-  1860-??:  St Andrews 

-  1864-68:  Elie

-  1867-68:  Anstruther

He moved to Edinburgh in May 1868, and opened his studio at 108 George Street in April 1870. 

A couple of years later, he returned to Fife to studios at:

-  1872-75:  Elie

-  1875-??:  St Andrews

-  1883-??:  Elie

Some further brief details of Thomas Buist's studios in Fife can be found by clicking on the link below to the Fife Family History Society's web site:

Fife Photographers  -  Fife Family History Society



Thomas Buist

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