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Only Descendant?

I received a message in April 2006 from Mike Tracy of Illinois, USA.  His great uncle was Thomas Buist. 

He believes that he may be the only surviving descendant of Thomas Buist.  But if anybody knows differently, can they please email me, so that I can pass on the news. 

Thank you.


Descendants  2

More Descendants

I received a message in November 2007 from another descendant of Thomas Buist.  The message came from Thomas's great great granddaughter, Frances, who lives in Bedfordshire, England.

Frances has a photograph of Thomas with his wife, Lillias McLennan and their only child, daughter Lillias.  The photograph was  taken in Elie, Fife, Scotland, about 1856/7.


Frances tells me that she has now made contact with Mike Tracy in USA, and that they now been able to share their research on the Buist family tree.



Thomas Buist

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