Photograph by Wishaw Photographer and EPS Speaker

Charles Reid

Highland Cattle on Skye

'Loch Fada, Skye. (Storr Rock on Hill)'

Photograph by Charles Reid - Highland Cattle on Skye

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Gordon Stewart, London


Charles Reid

Highland Cattle on Skye

Thank you to Gordon Stewart for allowing me to reproduce two of his photographs, taken by Charles Reid of Wishaw.  Charles Reid took many wildlife photographs.  He gave lectures to Edinburgh Photographic Society on animal and bird photography in 1882, 1890 and 1896.

Gordon tells me:

"Here are two framed photos by Charles Reid, dates unknown.  The  photos are approx 24.5cms x 18.5cms.

 The photo above is marked on the back of the mount, 'C Reid',  'Loch Fada, Skye. (Storr Rock on Hill)'.

These photos were given to my parents, who lived in Perth, Scotland, by a Charles Reid, who lodged with them in the 1950ís. Iíd guess he would have been born, say, 1890 to 1900, and died 1959-62.  He said to my parents that the photos were his fatherís work."

Here is the other photo that Gordon Stewart has provided.    Please click on the thumbnail image below to enlarge it.

Sheep on Skye

   Photograph by Charles Reid - Sheep on Skye ©



Charles Reid

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