John Devlin

Nephew of Thomas Leishman Devlin

John Devlin2

John Devlin (2)  -  (1901 -1992)

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Devlin, Sun City, Florida, USA
Postcard portrait by 'Stickybacks'


John Devlin, Father and Grandfather

Thank you to John Devlin, Sun City, Florida, for allowing me to reproduce this photograph of his father.

Both the father and grandfather of John Devlin, Florida, who sent me the photograph above, were named John Devlin.

- John's grandfather, John Devlin1, (1866-1920), brother of Thomas Leishman Devlin.  (Thomas Leishman Devlin was the founder and owner of TL Devlin, trawler owners, Granton, Edinburgh.)

- It is John's father, John Devlin2, (1901-1992), who appears in the photograph above.

-   John's gives more information about his father below.

John added:

Naval Reserve

"This picture is of my dad in his naval uniform, taken in 1917.

He entered the Naval Reserve in October 1917, aged 16, and served 17 months until March 1919. He was a signalman on a minesweeper during the war and remembered the signals all his life.


Two years later, he left Scotland and went to New Zealand for two years, then to Vancouver then entered the US illegally, a month later, and remained in the US for the rest of his life.

In my pre-and early-teens when he was angry with me over something I might of done, I would point at him and tell him I was going to call immigration and report him as an illegal alien.   He would laugh out loud and forget why he was angry.


At family gatherings at Christmas, we would all encourage him to do his impersonation of Sir Harry Lauder.  Every year, he would finally give in . His favorites were 'Roamin in the Gloamin' and 'I Love a Lassie'.  He was great and had 'old Harry' down pat.  It was the highlight of every gathering.  He had a wonderful sense of humor and never lost his brogue.  He lived until he was 91.  I think of him daily and miss him to this day.  He was a great father.

John Devlin, Sun City, Florida, USA:  May 5+6+16, 2009



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