The Devlin Family


TL Devlin and Family  -  Part of the Family Tree


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   TL Devlin and Family  -  Part of the Family Tree ©


The Devlin Family

showing some of the prominent members of the Devlin trawling business

This family tree (above) shows those members of the Devlin family who were most closely connected to the business of T L Devlin, trawler owners, based at Granton.   i.e. Thomas Leishman Devlin, his wife and his direct descendants.

I have also included John Devlin and family because of the interest shown by John's grandson (also John) in researching the Devlin family.

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Thomas Devlin


From Ireland.

Thomas Leishman Devlin


A painting of Thomas L Devlin, founder of Thomas Devlin & Sons ©

Founder and owner of the business of T L Devlin, trawler owners, until his death in 1919.

Grace Devlin (née Darney)

1850-1941  -  Or is it?

Photograph of Grace Cochrane Darney, 1912 ©

Wife of Thomas Leishman Devlin,  owner of the business after his death.   i.e. from 1919 to 1941.

Robert Darney Devlin


Son of Thomas Leishman Devlin, Manager of the business after his father's death, 1919-25.

Thomas Leishman Devlin (2)


Son of Thomas Leishman Devlin, Manager of the business after his brother's death, 1925-41.

John Devlin (and family)



and later

There were several generations, all named John Devlin.

-  John Devlin1 (1866-1920).  He was the brother of Thomas Leishman Devlin.

-  John Devlin2. (1901-1992).  He was son of John Devlin1 He was born in Scotland and died in US.

-  John Devlin3.  He lives in US and is now researching the Devlin family history.  He is the son of John Devlin2.

-  John Devlin4.  He is son of John Devlin3.

-  John Devlin5.  He is son of John Devlin4.

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John Devlin (2)  -   (1901-1992)  -  emigrated to USA ©


The Devlin Family

Devlin family - Edinburgh

John Devlin, now living in Sun City, Florida, USA is trying to discover more about the Devlin family who lived in Newhaven, Edinburgh.  In particular he'd like to find a photograph of Grace Devlin.

If you can help with this request, please email me, and I'll pass your message on to John.

Here is a  Devlin family photo, sent to me by John Devlin.

John wrote:

Devlin Family - USA

A Devlin family get together in New York, around 1951

 © Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Devlin, Sun City, Florida, USA

"This photo was taken approx. 1951 at a Devlin family get together in New York.  The people in the picture are (left to right):


-  my mother Elizabeth (MacMillan) Devlin

-  brother Donald Devlin.

-  Peggy's son Brian Devlin.

-  Peggy's husband George Spiro.

-  (me) John Devlin.

-  James Devlin's wife, Peggy.


-  my father John Devlin.

-  my father's sister Ena (Devlin) Spiro.

-  my grandmother Christine Devlin.

-  my father's brother James Devlin.


-  Ena's daughters, Barbara and Jean.

-  Peggy's daughter, Peggy.

This is the only photo I have of my grandmother Christine Devlin,  my father John Devlin, his brother James Devlin and sister Ena Devlin together.

I have no recollection of this ever having happened before or after.  This occasion may have been when I was leaving for Korea."

John Devlin, Sun City, Florida, USA:  April 1, 2008



T L Devlin (Trawler Owners)


Family Car





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