Grace Cochrane Devlin

(née Darney)

Wife of Thomas Leishman Devlin


Grace Cochrane Darney

Photograph of Grace Cochrane Darney, 1912

©  Reproduced with acknowle3dgement to John Devlin, Sun City, Florida, USA


Grace Cochrane Devlin

Or is it?

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Grace's Family.

Thank you to John Devlin for providing this photograph of Grace Cochrane Darney.  In 1882, Grace became Grace Cochrane Devlin.

John has been researching his Devlin family history, and has been looking for a photograph of Grace for almost four years.

John wrote:

Photograph of Grace

"While going thru some Devlin papers a few minutes ago, what shows up?  -  a picture of Grace Cochrane Darney, dated 1912, together with one of  Robert Darney Ramsey.  Both pictures are copies on plain white paper.

It's really is hard to believe after all this time, I have this picture  -  and it's so strange, I have no idea where it came from.  It was just there.  Maybe miracles really do happen.

The Devlin story never seemed complete without the picture of Grace."

John Devlin:  March 26, 2010

John added:

"If anyone has information about Grace or any other photographs please send them to me."

If you'd like to reply to John, please email me, then I'll pass your message on to him.    Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  March 26, 2010


Grace's Family

Grace's parents were Robert Darney (fisherman) and Elizabeth Mcleish Darney (née Mossman).  they married in  1839 at Kinghorn, Fife

Grace was born on  23 March 1850, Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland

She was 6th in a family of 9 children:

-    David Darney (b.1839)

-    John Darney  (b.1841, Dysart)

-    Janet Forrester Darney  (b.1843, Dysart)

-    Elizabeth Darney  (b.1846, Kirkcaldy)

-    Georgina Darney  (b.1847)

-    Grace Cochrane Darney  (b.1850)

-    Robert Darney  (b.1852, Kinghorn)

-    Thomasina Cochrane Darney  (b.1855)

-    Henry Darney  (b. Scotland, d. 1881,
                              Sydney NSW, Australia, aged 27)

Grace's Marriage

In 1882, Grace married Thomas Leishman Devlin who went on to establish the TL Devlin trawler owning business based at Granton.

- They became spirit merchants (c.1875) at Old Ship Inn, Parliament Square, Newhaven.

-    House:  2 Union Place, Trinity.

Grace's Death

Grace died on  December 8, 1941, aged 91.  She had been  living at 25 Stanley Road, Leith at the time of her death.


The details above have been supplied by

 John D Stevenson (Trinity, Edinburgh:  January 2007)

-   Christine Ramsay, Jan 2007

-   Christine Ramsay, Jan 2007

-   Katherine Ramsay, August, 2010

-   Kathy Ramsay, great-grand daughter of Georgina Darney, sister of Grace Cochrane Devlin.

-   John Devlin (Sun City, Florida, USA) for providing the photograph of Grace, May 26, 2010

For more details of Grace and other members of the Devlin family, please see Recollections



Christine Ramsay

Thank you to Christine Ramsay who wrote:


Photograph of Grace

"Unfortunately for John this photograph is of my grandmother Grace Cochrane Darney, neice of Grace Darney Devlin. She was named after her aunt.

The photograph at the top of this page was taken in 1912, at the time of her engagement to my grandfather, Robert Darney Ramsay.  They were also first cousins.

Robert's mother was Georgina Darney, Grace's father was Robert Darney, siblings of the eponymous Grace."

Christine Ramsay:  May 1, 2010




Katherine Ramsay

Perth, Western Australia

Thank you to Katherine Ramsay who wrote:


Photograph of Grace

"I can confirm Christine Ramsays origin of the above photo. Grace Cochrane Darney is our Grandmother.  Christine is my sister and I also have a copy of the original photo."

Katherine Ramsay, Perth, Western Australia:  August 31, 2010




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