Frogston Road

The road runs along the southern side of the Braid Hills, South Edinburgh


Beric Tempest Colourcard  -  A wintry scene on Frogston Road, Edinburgh with Leyland Atlantean 608.

©  Beric Tempest, Cornwall.    Reproduced with acknowledgement to Andrew Shortel, Muirhouse, Edinburgh


Frogston Road


Thank you to Andrew Shortel for providing this photograph, one of a series of Edinburgh buses and coaches published by Beric Tempest in their Colourcard postcard series.

This photo is of Lothian Region Transport's Leyland Atlantean, No 608 travelling along Frogston Road.

I don't know the date of this photo.  Andrew Shortel, who provided the photo, tells me that he  believes the car in the background is a Mk 2 Vauxhall Astra, a model introduced late in 1984.

Andy added:

"I've  driven this bus in service numerous times on service 34/35 and  1/6,  In it's last few weeks in service, I got a picture of 608 on service 52, when it was based at Marine Garage, in nearly the same spot."

Andrew Shortel, Muirhouse, Edinburgh:  April 14, 2008


Message from

Steven Oliver

Duns, Borders, Scotland

Frogston Road

LRT Bus - No 608

   Beric Tempest Colourcard  -  A wintry scene on Frogston Road, Edinburgh with Leyland Atlantean 608. ©

Thank you to Steven Oliver for providing an approximate date of this photo and for giving more details about the bus in this photo.

Steven wrote:

Photo  -  1985-86

"I think I can put a rough date on the photo of Atlantean 608.  The Daily Record advert on the side of the bus puts the date at around 1985 or early 1986.

Look carefully and you can just make out an old Edinburgh 'portcullis-style' stop flag in the background.  These were phased out from late-1986 when a new design was introduced."

New in 1979

"No 608 was one of a batch of 43 Atlanteans delivered in 1979.  No 595 from this batch is preserved.

This batch introduced a number of modifications, the most obvious ones being opening windows upstairs, which were absent on earlier batches, and improved ventilation downstairs.

Back to back seating over the rear wheel arches also featured, while externally, the most obvious differences from earlier models were an improved front screen layout, a revised dash panel, and squared-off light units at the front, sides and rear."

Withdrawn in 1999

"Apart from No 583, which was converted to open-top layout in 1986 following a low-bridge accident at Newcraighall (fortunately without any injuries) the rest of the batch remained in service until 1996 and 1997, when they were withdrawn following the arrival of new Olympians.

Problems with the bodywork on these Olympians led to 608 and sister 602 being returned to service during 1998 as cover for them.  They were finally withdrawn in 1999.


"No 602 was sold for further service while 608 was sold to a French youth club.  However, on its delivery run, 608 was involved in an accident on the M1 near Sheffield, and sustained serious damage. 

As a result, the bus never reached France and was, instead, subsequently scrapped at one of the many breakersí yards in the Sheffield area.

It actually featured in footage, in its accident-damaged state, on the BBC series Traffic Cops about the South Yorkshire traffic police a few years ago.

Steven Oliver, Duns, Borders, Scotland:  April 14, 2008