Hartmann Postcard

Holyrood Palace


Arthur Seat

Moonlight Effect

Arthur Seat and Salisbury Crags

View from Calton Hill

A Hartmann postcard  -  Arthur Seat and Salisbury Crags

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The back of the Postcard

The back of a Hartmann postcard  -  Arthur Seat and Salisbury Crags

View from

Edinburgh Castle

Front of the Postcard

This postcard by Hartmann looks down from Calton Hill, over Calton Jail (now demolished to make way for the Government offices, St Andrew's House, in Regent Road.

FOREGROUND:          The slopes of Calton Hill, and St Andrew's House

MIDDLE DISTANCE:    Holyrood Palace and the Old Town of Edinburgh near the foot of the Royal Mile.

BACKGROUND:           Arthur Seat and Salisbury Crags in Holyrood Park.

Back of the Postcard

This card was posted in July 1903.  It had a divided back to enable the  message and address  both to be written on the back of the card.  This was allowed for the first time in 1902.

However, the card followed the design of earlier years, leaving space for a message beneath the picture on the front of the card, and it is this space that was used for the message.

A card delivered to Corstorphine today would need  a longer address!

Also available in Sepia and Black& White

This card was also published by Hartmann in sepia and black & white in 1903.  Please click on the image below to see these cards.

A postcard by Hartmann  -  A sepia view of Arthur Seat and Salisbury Crags from Calton Hill


Holyrood Park

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