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Swanston Cottage

Early Home of Robert Louis Stevenson


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Swanston Cottage

Early Home of Robert Louis Stevenson

Here is one of James Patrick's "Castle Series" of postcards of Swanston, showing the early home of the Edinburgh Author, Robert Louis Stevenson.

Swanston lies at the foot of the Pentland Hills, about five miles to the south of the centre of Edinburgh.

I particularly like James Patrick's views of Swanston.  It is good to know that they were also appreciated when they were first issued, about a century ago.

This postcard was posted from Edinburgh to Helensburgh, on the Clyde on the West Coast of Scotland on 7 September 1905.  It was written by a mother to her son, Master C Allan.  The message read:

"Dear C,  Have you any of these PPC [Picture Post Cards] of Swanston.
I have got the set and will send them to you if you like them.  I think they are beautiful.  Love from Mother."

This was the first of four postcards that were sent to Master C Allan by his mother.  They were posted on 7th, 9th, 11th and 15th September 1905. 


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