Valentine's Postcard


High Street and Mercat Cross

Musselburgh - 1905

Valentine Postcard  -  Musselburgh Market Cross, Cart and Tram, 1905

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Musselburgh High Street

This view looks along the main street in Musselburgh towards the Mercat Cross *** behind the tram in the distance.


*** No!  It's the Hayweights Office, not the Mercat Cross.  See 'Reply 1' below.


1. Where was the Mercat Cross?  Was it situated in front of where the Brunton Hall stands now, at the meeting of North High Street and Bridge Street?  This is the only place that I can think of in Musselburgh where the layout of the road might have been like this.

2.  When might this photo have been taken?  Knowledge of when this type of tram used to run through Musselburgh might help to date the photo.

Valentine & Sons have added a number to the picture which indicates that the photo was taken in 1894.   However I  believe that they have probably kept the same number but substituted a more recent photo for the postcard.


If you can help to answer either of the questions above, please email me.

Thank you.     Peter Stubbs:  October 23, 2010




Alan Grieve

Minehead, Somerset, England

Thank you to Alan Grieve who wrote:


"This is actually in Fisherrow and the tram is turning from North High Street into Bridge Street. **.

Valentine Postcard  -  Musselburgh Market Cross, Cart and Tram, 1905

The small round building in the middle of the road was the office for the Hayweights and the weighing platform was alongside it, being used for weighing carts and lorries.  It was demolished when the Brunton Hall was built, but I believe that the dome and clock still exist."

The Mercat Cross is in Musselburgh High Street  -  in the wide part of the street in front of the Town Hall.  The tram will not arrive in Musselburgh High Street until it has crossed the River Esk at the other end of Bridge Street.


"The first electric car of the Musselburgh and District Electric Light and Traction Company was introduced on December 12th, 1904 and the one shown looks similar so it could well be 1905, certainly not 1894."

Alan Grieve, Minehead, Somerset, England:  November 1, 2010

** Yes:  that's the junction that I was referring to in my Q1 above.  Thanks for also providing the additional details and for identifying the building behind the tram.

NOTE: The caption on the card should read 'North High Street'.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  November 2, 2010




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