Valentine's Post Card

The Forth Bridge

Moonlight effect

Posted 1903

Postcard by Valentine  -   The Forth Bridge  -  Moonlight effect  -  Posted 1903

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The Forth Bridge

Moonlight effect

The View

Here is a view of the Forth Bridge at South Queensferry, about ten miles to the west of the centre of Edinburgh (and now within the Edinburgh boundary).

This view is likely to be a 'daytime photograph' printed to resemble a moonlit scene.

In the early 1900s, Valentine's gave this treatment to several of their cards, describing them as their "Moonlight Series".  Both daytime and moonlight versions of the same card can be found, with details such as figures in the same position on both versions.

The Message

The sender of this card does not seem to be very impressed with the result achieved by Valentine's.  He writes:

"These are most awful black looking things,
but I suppose your collection will admit it."




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