Valentine's Post Card

Princes Street

Looking east, from the foot of the Mound

Princes Street  -  1905

Valentine Postcard  -  View to the east along Princes Street, from an upper floor in Princes Street, from the foot of the Mound  -  1905

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Princes Street

Looking east from Life Association of Scotland Head Office

The View

This photograph of Princes Street was taken in 1905 from close to the foot of the Mound.

It looks to the east along Princes Street towards:

-  The Scott Monument with  spire.

-  The North British Hotel with clock tower.

-  The Nelson Monument on Calton Hill.

60 Princes Street  -  Photographic Studios

On the left of the photo, on the first floor of 60 Princes Street is the studio of Louis Saul Langfier.  The studio at this address was:

-  1849-56:  George Popowitz

-  1858-60:  John Moffat

-  1864-67:  James Howie Jun

-  1876-79:  Lindsay G Howie

-  1891-93:  Murray & Campbell

-  1894-02:  Robert S Webster

-  1904-06:  Louis Saul Langfier

-  1907-28:  Louis Saul Langfier Ltd


- 60a Princes Street,  1858-60:  John Moffat

- 60c Princes Street,  1862-67:  James Brown Knott

- 60b Princes Street,  1868-89:  James Howie Jun

- 60b Princes Street,  1889-90:  James Howie (3)

Another Valentine Postcard

Here is another postcard published by Valentine, using same photograph:

     Valentine postcard  -  Looking to the east along Princes Street from the junction with Hanover street


Princes Street NB Hotel Calton Hill

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