Valentine's Post Card

Waverley Steps

Postcard  -  Posted 1936

Valentine's Postcard  - Waverley Steps  -  Posted 1936

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    Valentine's Postcard  - Waverley Steps  -  Posted 1936


Waverley Steps


Waverley Steps is the long flight of steps leading up from Waverley Railway Station to the East End of Princes Street.  Waverley Steps have a reputation giving visitors a windy start to their visit to Edinburgh.

This has been a popular location  for photographers from the Scotsman newspaper offices to visit on windy days - though their photos were less dramatic than in this postcard.  The Scotsman offices used to be around the corner from Waverley Steps, until they moved to Holyrood

Proposals  -  2006

As part of the refurbishment proposals for Edinburgh Waverley Station, it is planned to commence work in January 2006 on installing a lift and escalators at Waverley Steps

Result  -  2012

Escalators were added to the steps, and the steps re-opened in January 2012.

Newly installed escalators at Waverley Steps, leading from Edinburgh Waverley Station to Princes Street  -  2012    

There is now more shelter for travellers coming up the steps from Waverley Station, but they can still be hit by the wind when they reach the top.


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