Aitchison, Greengrocer

At the bottom of Arthur Street, Dumbiedykes

Around 1914

Aitchison - Greengrocer

Thomas Cullen's Shop at 37 Arthur Street, around 1920

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to David Taylor, Polwarth, Edinburgh, whose family ran this shop.


Aitchison, Greengrocer

Thank you to David Taylor who wrote:

Arthur Street

"Here is a photo of our old family shop which I always thought was at the foot of Arthur Street on Dumbiedykes Road or thereabouts.

My father is on the left and the women beside him is his Auntie Georgina.  This photo was taken possibly just before the World War One."

David Taylor, Polwarth Edinburgh:  October 27, 2010

Adverts on the Shop

This shop includes adverts for:

-  Fry's Chocolate

-  Victory V Gums

-  Lyons Tea

-  Gossages Dry Soap

-  Pullars of Perth, cleaners



George Smith

Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you to George Smith who wrote:


   Shop at the foot of Arthur Street  -  Aitchison Greengrocer.  Photo possibly taken just before World War 1.

"The clothing worn by the man on the left seems to date this photo nearer to the 1920s or 1930s than pre-1914."

George T Smith, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada:  October 31, 2010




David Taylor

Polwarth, Edinburgh

David Taylor replied:

My Father

    Shop at the foot of Arthur Street  -  Aitchison Greengrocer.  Photo possibly taken just before World War 1.

"My father (on the left in the photo above) died 1974 and all his other siblings have gone lang syne!!  However, I suppose the photo could have been taken later than I suggested.  There's a bit of research to be done on that one.

Location of the Shop

"I'd really love to know what the street number was, and what letter (if any) came before the name AITCHISON. 


"Granny's mother (Sophia Aitchison, maiden surname Gordon) died in 1907 at No. 74 Dumbiedykes Road. I know, according to her will, that she had other properties:

one at 82 Dumbiedykes Road

-  another at 1 Prospect Place.

Innocent Railway

Granny's husband was Thomas Aitchison.  He was the 'railway surfaceman' for the Innocent Railway.  My grandmother always said (according to my father) that the railway wasn't so innocent!!  It killed a few of her hens when she lived there as a girl. 

My grandfather, when courting, said that the Queens' Park in those days was a dangerous place - footpads and the like!!   I don't don't suppose much has changed!!  I wouldn't like to go wandering through there at the dead of night!"

David Taylor, Polwarth, Edinburgh:  October 31, 2010


I was not familiar with the word 'footpad' that David used near the end of his notes above, but my dictionary tells me that it is an old word for a thief who preys on pedestrians.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  November 5, 2010




Joe Jordan

Gracemount, Edinburgh

Thank you to Joe Jordan for posting two messages in the EdinPhoto guest book.

Joe wrote:

    Shop at the foot of Arthur Street  -  Aitchison Greengrocer.  Photo possibly taken just before World War 1.

"David appeared to be right about the shop being at No 74.  I remember that a lot of the small shops had a house at the back of the shop.

Regarding Aitchison, Greengrocer at the foot of Arthur Street, there was a Greengrocer shop at 74 Dumbiedykes Road under the name of Mrs Georgina Gordon McGregor, listed in the Valuation Rolls 1914-1937.

The shop is actually further along just past Prospect Place. You can tell by the decorative stonework above the shop. I know the rest of the shops, having lived there for Thirty Years."

Joe Jordan, Gracemount, Edinburgh:  Messages posted in EdinPhoto guest book,
 February 20, 2011



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