Bedford Street

Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Early 1960s

View from Dean Park Street End

Bedford Street, Stockbridge - Early-1960s

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Eddie Duffy, Fox Covert, Edinburgh                                                 Photographer not known


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   Children's Party at Mrs Guthrie's Toy School, Stockbridge, around 1960




Eddie Duffy

Fox Covert, Edinburgh

Thank you to Eddie Duffie for sending the photograph above to me..

Eddie wrote:

Mrs Guthrie's Toy School

"I grew up here, at No. 38 Bedford Street, Stockbridge (on the right in this photo) and lived here until 1967,

having attended the Mrs Guthrie's 'Toy' School (nursery).  The school was located in the back courtyard between Dean Street and Bedford Crescent."

Eddie Duffy, Fox Covert, Edinburgh:  October 29, 2012

Mrs Guthrie's School

Please click on the thumbnail image below to see a photo of Mrs Guthrie's 'Toy' School at Stockbridge:

Mrs Guthrie's Toy School, Stockbridge


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Neil Lawrence

Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

I was surprised to read a comment from Neil Lawrence who wrote:

"This photo is not of Bedford Street."

Is it Bedford Street?


However, I find this comment to be surprising because:

a)  I have become used to receiving very reliable information from Neil, identifying old photos, particularly for a collection of 1920s photos of St Leonard's district of Edinburgh that I posted on the web site in 2008


b) This photo has been identified as being Bedford Street by another source which I would also have expected to be reliable. 

The photo is one of two sent to me by Eddie Duffie, Fox Covert, Edinburgh, who wrote:

"I grew up here, at No. 38 Bedford Street, Stockbridge (on the right in this photo) and lived here until 1967."

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  March 28, 2013




John Banks

Thank you to John Banks for writing and confirming that this is, in deed, a photograph of Bedford Street.


Bedford Street

"I can verify that this photo is of Bedford  photo of being Bedford Street, Stockbridge.  We stayed at No.22, Bedford Street, at the same time as Eddie was there.


The junction on the left is Bedford Crescent.

Most of the people in Bedford Street moved out to the 'new' houses at West Granton, so we kept our neighbours."

John Banks: July 29, 2014


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