Brown Street



Brown Street  -  2006

A short street leading off Dalkeith Road towards Holyrood Park.  Salisbury Crags are in the background

Brown Street, Dumbiedykes  -  April 2006

©  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                                                   Photograph taken April 1  2006 at 10.53am

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     Brown Street, Dumbiedykes  -  April 2006 ©



Billy McCuaig

Thank you to Billy McCuaig, who used to live at 119 Dumbiedykes Road, for the following details:

  Billy wrote:


"In one of the photos of Brown Street, there was a sort of wooden hut just at Salisbury Square that belonged to George Lamb, the chimney sweep.

He would keep the soot in there that he collected, and sell it to gardeners.  I  don't know why."

Billy McCuaig,  April 15, 2006



Joyce Ritchie (née Croal)

London, England

Thank you to Joyce Ritchie, now living in London, who saw this photo of Brown Street, as it is now

Brown Street, Dumbiedykes  -  April 2006 ©

and replied:

The Iron Gates

"I'm sure the iron gates to the right of the picture, are the ones that led down into the church hall, where I had the honour of playing the lead part in Cinderella, when I was about 7 or 8 years old.

I always remember seeing my picture on the front page of the Evening News, next to one of the queen!  -  lol.

The Iron Gates

"Billy McCuaig (1 above) mentioned George Lamb. Well he was my great uncle (my grandmother's brother) and he lived at the foot of the Dumbiedykes for many years with his father Robert, who was a sweep before him.

I remember regularly visiting their top flat house with my sister and my grandmother Mary Lamb. The house was full of clocks, all shapes and sizes, including at least two grandfather clocks

My sister and I would make our escape early so we could have some time to play outside before we got called up for school the next day."

Joyce Ritchie, London, England:  March 9 + 10, 2009


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