Garden at

6b Chessel's Court

Garden, 6b Chessel's Court  -  May 2006

 Garden, 6b Chessel's Court, Canongate, part of Edinburgh's Royal Mile  -  photographed May 2006                                                                                                Photograph taken:  6 May 2006, 1.42pm


6b Chessel's Court

The Garden

This garden was formerly part of the playground of St Saviour's Child-Garden nursery school.

It is now in private ownership and is not normally open to the public, but it was included amongst the places that were opened for one  day for Edinburgh Parks & Gardens Open Day on May 6, 2006.

[The Cockburn Association:  Edinburgh Parks and Gardens Open Day leaflet]

This view is taken from the long back garden and looks back towards the back of the house at 6b Chessels Court.


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