Davie Street


Davie Street  -  1970s

   Davie Street, Dumbiedykes, around 1963

  Photo taken by Wullie Croal and reproduced with acknowledgement also to his son, Tam Croal.


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   Davie Street, Dumbiedykes, around 1963


Question 1

 When might this photograph have been taken?

Davie Street


There are parking meters in this street.  Parking meters were first introduced to Edinburgh in 1962, starting with George Street.  I don't know in which year they first came to the Dumbiedykes area.

Thank you to John Hadden for help in dating this picture.  John wrote:

"The registration of the car at the left of the picture looks like it ends with an 'L' with would date its first registration to 1972-73."

John Hadden, Edinburgh;  July 1, 2006

Answer 1

1972 or later

I have checked a higher resolution image of this picture and John is correct about the registration number, so the photo mush have been taken in 1972 or later.


Question 2

 What shops are at the end of the street?

Thank you to Eric Gold, known to many as Eric McKenzie, for the comments below.  Eric wrote:

Is it looking North?

"If this shot was taken from Davie Street looking towards Richmond Street, the white building was a butchers shop.

Also, behind Davie Street was the 'wash-hoose' (Simon Square Washhouse)

Dumbiedykes Survey Photograph - 1959  -  Simon Square Public Wash House

At the end of Davie Street looking in to Nicolson Street, where the white building is, there was a fishmonger as well"

Eric Gold, East End, London;  July 1+2, 2006

Thank you to Bryan Gourlay who wrote:

... or is it looking South?

"I don't know the Davie Street area as well as Eric Gold - but I think the view is taken from West Richmond Street looking south, with the bend to the right, at the end, going round to Simon Square.

The gap on the left, just beyond the cars, is where Davie Street School is set back. This building is still there.

That would make the buildings facing the camera at the far end probably the remains of Gilmour Street, which has since been rebuilt. My great and great great grandmothers were born there in 1836 and 1864.

Bryan Gourlay, Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Thank you to Eric Gold who replied:

Answer 2

It's looking South

"Bryan is right the photo is taken down towards the end of Davie street and that is Davie Street school just past the cars and the gaps on the left.

I got mixed up with Crosscauseway were Doctor Goldberg surgery was as there was a butchers and fishmongers there in a white building, possibly the store (St Cuthbert's Cooperative).

Eric Gold, East End, London;  July 2, 2006


Question 3

What is the large white building at the extreme left of the picture?

Thank you to Doreen O'Donnell, Edinburgh, who wrote:

Answer 3

    Davie Street, Dumbiedykes, around 1963

"In answer to the question about the white building at the left of this photograph - it is the Apostolic Church - still in use today."

Doreen O'Donnell, Edinburgh:  August 14, 2006

K Morris added:

"Yes, indeed, the white building is the church that I was dragged to as a boy. 

Opposite are the buildings I explored as a boy.  They they were empty and derelict and we could get in everywhere,

I seem to remember that the school next door liked to smash the church windows,  but us kids were just as bad."

K Morris:  March 25, 2007



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