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Academy for the Deaf and Dumb

The district between Holyrood Park and the Pleasance was once an area of arable land divided into strips by DYKES.

Around 1764, Thomas Braidwood established an Academy for the Deaf and Dumb here, on the east side of St Leonard's road.

The Academy soon became known by the nickname DUMMIE HOOSE.  It closed in 1873, but the nickname remained.  The house appeared on Kirkwood's 1817 map of Edinburgh as DUMBIE HOUSE, and was later known as Craigside.  It was demolished in 1939.

St Leonard's Road became Dumbiedykes Road.

[Place Names of Edinburgh:  Stuart Harris]

Aerial View

This view looks across the centre of Edinburgh from the north  and shows Dumbiedykes in the valley to the right (west) of Queen's Park, close to the centre of Edinburgh.

View including Dumbiedykes

   Looking down on Edinburgh from the north  -  An 1868 engraving  -  with captions


This map shows the XXXXXX



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