Gretna Rail Disaster Procession passes through



Gretna Rail Disaster Peocession passes Pilrig

  Reproduced by courtesy of Evening News.   Click here for web site details.
Thank you also to John Stewart, Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland for providing this photo.


Gretna Rail Disaster Procession passes Pilrig

World War I  -  Troop Train Accident

This photo shows the procession passing Pilrig en route to Rosebank Cemetery, following the rail disaster on May 22, 1915 when a Royal Scots troop train was involved in Britain's worst railway accident.  The accident occurred on what is now the West Coast Main Line, at Quintishill, Dumfriesshire in the Scottish Borders.

The troop train was travelling south from Larbert when it hit a stationary local train.  Immediately afterwards, an express train travelling in the opposite direction ploughed into the wreckage.

The troop train was carrying 500 territorial soldiers from the 7th Battalion, The Royal Scots, most of whom had been recruited in Edinburgh and Leith.  As a result of the collision and subsequent fire in the train, 214 men lost their lives and a further 246 were injured in the accident.

Many of the dead were buried in Rosebank Cemetery.  This postcard shows a photograph of the funeral procession making its way to Rosebank Cemetery.

Postcard by an unknown publisher  -  Funeral Procession through the streets of Leith for 100 victims of the Gretna Green Railway Disaster

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Roseburn Cemetery, Pilrig,  Edinburgh  -  Memorial to those who died in the Royal Scots troop train disaster near Gretna in 1915         Roseburn Cemetery, Pilrig,  Edinburgh  - Plaque to those who died in the Royal Scots troop train disaster near Gretna in 1915




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