Redbraes Park
Cycle Track

Redbraes Place, off Bonnington Road, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Monarchs v. Hull  -  April 6, 2008

Edinburgh Monarchs v. Hull  -  Redbraes Park  -  April 6, 2008

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                                                 Photo taken:  April 6, 2008


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   Edinburgh Monarchs v. Hull  -  Redbraes Park  -  April 6, 2008


Redbraes Park Cycle Track

Edinburgh Monarchs v. Hull

The race is about to commence.  Edinburgh Monarchs are in red. Hull are in yellow.  The starter in the striped shirt is crossing the track to his starting position.  The man on the extreme left is holding the two ropes that he will pull to raise the tape when the cyclists are under starters' orders.

The houses in Redbraes Place are in the background, with the changing rooms to the right and a photographer on the bank.  Most of the competitors and the spectators are behind the starting line (out of this picture on the left).

This was the first Northern League match of the 2008 season.  The date was April 6, 2008.   The result:  Edinburgh Monarchs 81:  Hull 96.




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