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Hardwell Close


St Leonard's District -  1920s

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to David Gordon, Old Town, Edinburgh

1891 Map

showing where the photograph above was taken from

Map showing the location of one of the photos of St Loenard's district taken in the 1920s

Bartholemew map revised 1891, based on Ordnance Survey maps surveyed 1876-77

  Reproduced by permission of the Trustees of the National Library of Scotland.

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    St Leonard's District -  1920s

Map showing the location of one of the photos of St Loenard's district taken in the 1920s 


St Leonard's District  -  1920s

Collection of Photos

The image  above is taken from a collection of whole-plate negatives.  The photos were probably taken around the 1920s. 

If you recognise this street, please email me.

Thank you.    Peter Stubbs: July 6, 2008




Lyndsay Montgomery

Old Town, Edinburgh

Thank you to Lyndsay Montgomery who wrote:

Forbes Street

"I think that this photograph is of Forbes Street.

There are three of us who think that."

Lyndsay Montgomery, Old Town, Edinburgh:  July 26, 2008




John Hadden


Thank you to John Hadden, Edinburgh, who wrote the comments below and also attached an annotated extract of the street plan showing where he thinks the photo was approximately taken from.

I agree with John's conclusions.  Even the balconies of the buildings on the corner of Hardwell Close are shown on the map.  They appear as a dotted line.

The low building, just beyond the low roof in the foreground seems to have lost its roof by the time that the photo was taken.

 -  Peter Stubbs:  July 27, 2008

John wrote:

Not Forbes Street

   St Leonard's District -  1920s

"I had a look at the old street plans around Forbes Street, as suggested by Lyndsay Montgomery, but I couldn't quite recognise a fit for the photo there."

Hardwell Close

"However, as a result of this extra look, I noticed a street lamp on the wall of the building in the background. This would suggest that there would probably be a narrow street between the background building and the other nearer ones.

That building with the lamp also looked industrial judging by the size of the windows, and what may be a large chimney on the roof.

The position of the boundary wall in the lower left of the photo is another clue as it has a section perpendicular to the above narrow street but it only runs parallel to that street to the left as we see it and not along to the right (towards the building with the balconies).

So, I had another look at the old street plan and think I've found another possible location.

I think the street lamp is on Hardwell Close and the photo is taken looking slightly East of North. The building with the balcony is located on the south side of Hardwell Close.

The window to the right (with the washing and decorated window box) is looking down Lamb's Close.

John Hadden, Edinburgh:  July 27, 2008

John:  I agree that everything you describe is on the photo. You did well to notice it all.  -  Peter Stubbs:  July 27, 2008




John Hadden


John Hadden added:

Hardwell Close

"I happened to be in the area today and had time to take a look at Hardwell Close.

Part of the wall of the industrial building in the background is still there, but only up to and including the first floor window sills.

The ground floor windows are bricked up, as the wall is free-standing and not part of a building any more. I was able to recognise some of the features of the wall from memory.  The lamp is not there now!"

John Hadden, Edinburgh:  July 31, 2008


1891 Map

Forbes Street can be found upper-centre on the St Leonard's map below.

Hardwell Close is also on the St Leonard's map below, close to the left-hand side of the map, about 1/4 of the way down the map.



South Side

1891 Map

   Edinburgh Old Town  -  Extract from a Bartholemew Map, 1891  -  South Side

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St Leonard's

1891 Map

   Edinburgh Old Town  -  Extract from a Bartholemew Map, 1891  -  St Leonard's

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