Edinburgh Waterfront

Burger Bar and Lighthouse



Edinburgh Waterfront  -  Burger Bar and Lighthouse  -  19 July 2002

 Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                                               Photograph taken 19 July 2002

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   Edinburgh Waterfront  -  Burger Bar and Lighthouse  -  19 July 2003


Edinburgh Waterfront

Burger Bar and Lighthouse

Edinburgh Waterfront was until recently an area dominated by Granton Gas Works, small industries and wasteland. 

Here is a burger bar, parked amongst the small businesses, close to the brick and stone yard which moved out of the area around June 2004 and the lighthouse in West Harbour Road.

This van later caught fire.  By summer 2005 it had been  replaced by a van further to the west along West Harbour Road, in front of 'The A Team' close to Croan's Kipper factory

   The Snack Bar, at its new position in West Harbour Road  -  30 June 2004

Snack Bar - 2005


Map showing the locations of some of the snack vans aroundl Edinburgh  -  2002 to 2006


Edinburgh Snack Bars

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Edinburgh Waterfront



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