Letterhead  -  1870

John Player, Coach Hirer

Dundas Street, Scotland Street and Tanfield


Receipt with letterhead from Jon Player, Coach Hirer, 1870

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One Shilling and Sixpence

Above is a receipt for payment of one shilling and sixpence for coach hire.

In new money, this equates to 7.5 pence, or considerably more, allowing for over 130 years of inflation.

I was pleased to receive an e-mail from Patricia Player in November 2005.

Patricia wrote:

John Player's Coaches

"I've been researching my husband's family for several years, and have searched, without success to find either a drawing or photograph of one of the Company Cabs.

 I was therefore delighted to find the Letterhead, the receipt was written by John Player.   I'd know that hand writing anywhere!

I look forward to the day that I find an image of a  Player - Coach on your website!"

Patricia Player, November 2005

If you know of any photos or engravings of John Player coaches, can you please e-mail me.  It would be good to be able to add such a picture to the web site.




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