South Bank House
Portobello Road

Previously known as Southside Bank House
and as Craigentinny Farm


South Bank House  -  around 1910

South Bank House, off Portobello Road  -  formerly on land bellonging to Craigentinny House  -  photograph around 1910

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Archie Foley,

The house in 2006

     South Bank House, off Portobello Road  -  formerly on land bellonging to Craigentinny House


South Bank House

Thank you to Archie Foley, Joppa, Edinburgh for sending me the old photograph above.

Archie wrote:

The Bryce Family

"This photograph is thought to have been taken c 1910.  It shows members of the Bryce family.

Andrew Bryce was the Estate Factor/Land Steward for the Craigentinny estate of the Miller family and had succeeded his father, also Andrew, who is described as a "Farmer of 400 acres all arable" in the 1871 Census.

At that time the house was known as Southside Bank House but is shown as Craigentinny Farm in 1891 and 1901."

The Children

"The names of the children are written on the reverse, but probably later. The girls are Andree and Alice and the boy is "our Alex."

The 1901 census confirms that Andrew Bryce had daughters with those names but does not mention a son.  Alexander is a family name, though, so he could have been a cousin of the girls."

Mr Brownlie

"Andrew Bryce died in 1913, and I believe that the farm was run by a Mr Brownlie between 1922 and 1933 (anecdotal evidence)."

Archie Foley,  Joppa, Edinburgh:  July 25, 2006

Tracey Hunter, who asked me the original question about South Bank House in March 2006, sent me further comments on seeing this old photo.

 South Bank House, Portobello Road  -  Photographed around 1910

Tracey wrote on July 27, 2006:

Old Photos

"I photocopied that very picture, the original one, which still stands on a window sill of an old lady I visit regularly.

I started to look into the history of this house, was because my friend has photos of it dotted around her house and I know the current owners who are also looking for more information about it."


The young girl sitting on the horse was her aunt and the reason she was on the horse was because she was lame. 

I believe the lady seated to the left of the photo was the wife of the farmer who resided at the house until he died and the family had to move out.

Further Investigations

I realise also that The information I gave you is very vague. 

I am not sure that the information you have been given is correct but I will certainly ask my friend if she can verify any of this.

Tracey Hunter, Edinburgh:  July 27, 2006

Archie Foley, replied on July 30, 2006, then provided further information the following day after visiting  Mrs Margaret Sim (maiden surname Bryce) to check some of the details on the photograph with her.

The Old Photo

"I don't think any of the information that I gave you is incorrect. Some came from records in new Register House, some from the reverse of the photograph and some from a grand niece of Andrew Bryce (Land Steward).

The photograph I have is printed on a postcard back and hand written in ink is "Happy Xmas from all at Craigentinny". Someone, the recipient perhaps, has written the names of the people in it in pencil. A third hand has written "Farm" in brackets after "Craigentinny"  and put in "c1910?".

Christmas Greeting

"It is very possible that a number of copies of this photograph were made to be sent as Christmas greetings"


"Margaret Sim's aunts were the sisters Andree and Alice Bryce.  

Andree married a Mr Johnson.  Her brother in law was William Johnson, father of the future Moderator of the Church of Scotland.

Alice was lame.  She never married, and lived in a house very close to Craigentinny Farm.

Archie Foley,  Joppa, Edinburgh:  July 30 + 31, 2006


Archie Foley wonders if  the lady that Tracey visits is Sheila Johnson.



Tracey Hunter, Edinburgh:  August 1, 2006