Tolbooth St John's Church


 The Hub

The Old Church

I passed through what remained of the Tolbooth St John's church in 1992, with Dougie Belam, the Edinburgh the clock winder from James Ritchie & Son,  on his was to the high ladder in the area behind the altar.

When this photo was taken, the church had been out of use for almost ten years.

Tolbooth St John's Church - 1993

The Ladder

Here is the ladder we climbed to reach the clock.  I doubt that it would comply with today's health and safety requirements!

  Ladder at Tolbooth St John's Church  - 1993   Ladder to the clock at the Highland Tollbooth Church, now 'The Hub'

I photographed the ladder in colour, then converted it to black and white and sepia.  The sepia photo looks similar to the original colour photo.

The Clock

Here is the clock, found in complete darkness through the trap door at the top of the ladder.  The clock winder used a torch to wind the clock.  I used flash on the camera to take the photo, then waited until the film was processed to see where we had been!

Clock at the Highland Tollbooth Church


Hill & Adamson Calotype Photos

EPS Survey Section photograph  -  Greyfriars Churchyard and  Tollbooth St John's Church  -  DO Hill, 1843-45

DO Hill  -  1843-45

Greyfriars Churchyard and
Tollbooth St John's Church


Ritchie Tolbooth St John's Church

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