The Tron Kirk

(or Tron Church)

The Tron Kirk is at the junction of the Royal Mile and South Bridge.  It was built from 1636 to 1645.  It has undergone many changes since then and is now an Edinburgh Old Town Information Centre.

Please click here to read the Tron Kirk history from 1636 and proposed future plans

Acknowledgement for the brief details above:  Edinburgh Evening News, 20 Dec 2004, p.21



Engraving from Old & New Edinburgh'  -  Old Tron Church

Old Tron Church

with its old spire

Engraving in 'Modern Athens'  -  The Tron Kirk in the Royal Mile

The Tron Kirk

with new spire

Engraving from 'Old & New Edinburgh'  -   The Tron Church on New Year's Eve

The Tron Kirk,

New Year's Eve



  A painting by Ewbank  -  The Tron Kirk in the High Street, Edinburgh, before the fire of 1824

Before the Fire of 1824



Photograph  -  2003

The Tron Kirk  -  Stained Glass Window in the West Wall

Tron Kirk

Stained Glass Window



Map of Edinburgh Old Town including High Street, Cowgate, South Bridge, St Giles Church and Tron Kirk and St Giles Church

High Street, Cowgate and South Bridge

including St Giles Church and Tron Kirk

Royal Mile Map

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to find The Tron Kirk
 on a map of the Royal Mile.

The Tron Kirk is No. 81,
 near the centre of  this map
on the left hand side.



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