Western General Hospital



   Postcard - JRRE (= JR Russell, Edinburgh)  -  Sisters' Quarters, 2nd Scottish General Hospital, Craigleith (now 'Western General Hospital')


Western General Hospital

Brief History

1868 - 1914

Craigleith Poorhouse

Edinburgh had  three poorhouses in the 1860s, at Canongate, St Cuthbert's and Craiglockhart.

The St Cuthbert's Poorhouse was in poor condition and was replaced, in 1868, by a Craigleith Poorhouse to serve the St Cuthbert's district.  This included an infirmary for the care of sick paupers.

The new St Cuthbert's Poorhouse was built at Crewe Road, about 2 miles NW of the centre of Edinburgh, on land purchased from the Fettes Trust. 


2nd Scottish General Hospital

From 1914 until 1919,  the Poorhouse was taken over as a military hospital and renamed the 2nd Scottish General Hospital, Craigleith.


Craigleith Poorhouse

Following the end of World War I, the hospital again became Craigleith Poorhouse.

From 1929

Western General Hospital

The Local Government (Scotland) 1929 Act discontinued Parish Councils, the bodies previously responsible for poorhouses.

Edinburgh Town Council took over the hospital , improved it, made it available to the general public and equipped it as a teaching hospital.  The name was changed  to become The Western General Hospital.



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