Holyrood Park

License to Photograph Landscape Views


License to PHotograph Landscape Views in Holyrood Park  -  1922

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Michael Convy, Greenbank, Edinburgh


Holyrood Park

Thank you to Michael Convy who wrote:

Photography License

"I bought this license about 30 years ago with a few postcards, and recently found it again.  It measures 6"x 4" and is blank on the other side.

I don't know anything more about Mr. Aitchison other than what is on the card.  Might he have been the owner of this shop at the foot of Arthur Street?

Shop at the foot of Arthur Street  -  Aitchison Greengrocer.  Photo possibly taken just before World War 1.

The photo was probably taken around 1920.  It's probably coincidence, but the name above the shop is Aitchison and Holyrood Park is only yards away from the shop"

Michael Convy, Greenbank, Edinburgh:  January 17, 2011


That's the first time that I've seen such a license. 

Compared to today's digital photography, life would not have had its problems for a photographer in the 1920s:

-  The equipment would have been more bulky.

-  The costs of film, processing and printing would  have to be met.

-  And in Holyrood Park, even with this license, the photographer was not allowed to photograph persons or groups of persons!




Danny Callaghan

Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Danny wrote:

Holyrood Park
Photography License

"I was interesting to see the permit to take photographs in Holyrood Park.

I called the Holyrood Park education centre today and spoke to them.    The person brought up the permit on the site and had never seen one before.       He thinks it may have been for commercial use.  (You still require permission for commercial filming today.)

He is going to ask colleagues and see what info he can uncover.   If he does find any information he will contact you direct."

Danny Callaghan, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland



Holyrood Park