Lothian Buses
Buses in Princes Street


Route 3  -  'Club Class' and Route 15A 

Route 3 and 17A  buses in Princes Street  -  November 2005

Peter Stubbs                                                                                       Photograph taken 10 November 2005

Routes 3 and 15A

New buses were delivered and painted in the new Route 3 'Club Class' livery in October 2005.  The orange and white livery for the older bus at the bus stop, on Route 15A was also introduced in 2005.

Postcard published by John R Russel of Edinburgh (JRRE)  -  St John's Church at the West End of Princes Street 

These buses are heading east along Princes Street and are still near the West End of the street.  St John's church is in the background.