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Articulated Buses


Articulated Bus on Route 19 in Edinburgh  -  2005

©  Copyright Steven Oliver, Duns, Borders, Scotland.                                                                        Photograph taken October 2005


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   Articulated Bus on Route 19 in Edinburgh  -  2005 ©


Steven Oliver

Duns, Borders, Scotland

Thank you to  Steven Oliver for the photograph above and the comments below.

Steven wrote:

Articulated Buses


"Attached is the only picture that I managed to take of the articulated bus that was used for brief spells on Route 19 in 2005.  The photo was taken in October 2005.  The bus is a Volvo artic, with Hispano bodywork.  It was numbered 888 for its stay in Edinburgh, although the number wasn’t carried on it.

Two things are noticeable:

1) Part of the branding above one of the nearside windows is missing, as the bus had just had a window replaced following a vandal attack.

2) The bus is seen awaiting time near the foot of West Granton Road, just before Granton Square.  This was to avoid the rear “trailer” section of the bus causing traffic problems at the main terminus stop in Granton Square itself." 

The bus, here is parked beside William Waugh's scrap yard in West Granton Road.  The scrap yard is just out of the picture on the right.

Edinburgh Waterfront  -  William Waugh scrap yard  -  July 2006 ©


"However,  I can tell you, via some very good sources, that another articulated bus is soon to appear on the streets of Edinburgh!

Unlike the previous artic, this one is to stay in the fleet, and is of Scania manufacture.  It was reported to have been out and about in Edinburgh a few weeks ago, carrying Lothian Managers on board, and then disappeared again, back to the Scania dealers at Newbridge.

Lothian Buses have now bought the bus.  Its registration is YN54ALO.  It will carry fleet number 50.  The bus is now being refitted internally and will be repainted into Lothian livery before entering service on April 6, 2008.  It is to be used on the X48 route, for which a special roster is being drawn up for the bus."