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Ocean Terminal

Northern terminus of Route 35

Ocean Terminal terminus  -  Ocean Drive

Lothian Buses  -  Terminus  -  Ocean Terminal  -  Route 35

 Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                                                                         Photograph taken April 22, 2011


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   Lothian Buses  -  Terminus  -  Ocean Terminal  -  Route 35


Ocean Terminal terminus  -  Route 35

Routes 35 and 11

Here, a bus on Route 11 passes No 986, standing at its Route 35 terminus.

Bus No 986 started life on Route 100 operating between Waverley Bridge and Edinburgh Airport.  It was painted in the blue livery for that route.

Lothian Buses  -  Terminus  -  City Centre  -  Route 100

Along with the other buses in that batch, it has now been painted in the new Lothian Buses livery and is operating on Route 35 between Ocean Terminal and Edinburgh Airport.


The terminus for Route 35 is now at the southern end of the eastern side of the section of Ocean Drive outside Ocean Terminal.

When this photo was taken, two years earlier, it was at the northern end of the western side of the same stretch of road.

Lothian Buses  -  Terminus  -  Ocean Terminal  -  Route 35

Both photos show the Great Wheel at the Easter funfair, but it is hardly visible through the mist in the 2011 photo.

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